Below are some almost unbelievable photos of the severe leg injury incurred by a cyclist after a freak bike accident.

He was on a ride last week after the storm the weekend before last. The guy he was riding behind ran over a large branch which kicked up and impaled Bob’s leg when he ran into it. The EMT’s had to cut the ends of the branch off to get him in the ambulance.

They have him on heavy-duty antibiotics. They did not place any screws to set the broken Fibula, fearing that disturbing the bone might complicate contaminants getting further into his body.

The prognosis is good. He has to go back to the trauma surgeon on Friday to work out plans for a skin graft.

Apparently there may have been a line of riders, maybe 6 – 10 riders, two abreast, going approximately 25 mph, and the rider’s bike in front of him kicked up a branch, and you can see the results. The branch did not have a spear point at the end that went through his leg. That is why it broke his bone.

Imagine the pain. This happened a couple of weeks ago. He is going to be fine.

Be careful while riding your bike. You never know what can happen.