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7 Traditional Ways To Preserve Food Without A Fridge


7 Traditional Ways To Preserve Food Without A Fridge

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What do you usually do when you have leftovers? I’m guessing the answer is throw them in the fridge, but there was a time when refrigerators did not exist in every family home, and our grandparents and great-grandparents had to get creative with the way they preserved their edible treats. It’s not like everyone just let food go to waste before the home fridge came into existence in 1913: Food preservation has basically been around since the beginning of mankind. However, you wouldn’t know that today because it’s rare that anyone uses these traditional methods.

1. Pickling.

Flickr / Dennis Yang

A well-known method that is still sometimes used today, pickling is the act of soaking foods in a boiled vinegar mix, whether it’s for a few hours or for several days. The chemical reactions between the food and the liquid help extend it’s life expectancy. And when it comes to our grandmas preserving veggies this way, there was no limit on which garden greens to use.

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